Jordan Scott | director

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Born and raised in England Jordan Scott’s directorial career at RSA has spanned twelve years during which time she has worked throughout the world for the multi national company directing campaigns for prominent agencies and clients. In 1999 she directed a series of public service announcements for “Project Exile”, a US government funded programme advocating gun control. Former President Clinton went on record applauding Scott’s work on the campaign. Scott conceived and directed the first ever short-film/ TV advertising campaign for PRADA. Premiering at the Berlin Film festival, the film, entitled “Thunder Perfect Mind”, was inspired by the ancient Gnostic poem of the same name. In 2005 “All the Invisible Children” premiered at the Venice Film Festival. The film benefited UNICEF and The World Hunger Programme and featured seven shorts about childhood adversity through the eyes of seven renowned directors. Scott’s film was “Jonathan”, the grim reality of a war photographer’s career told through the lens of a child’s eye. Scott has led commercial campaigns for prominent clients including Nike, Land Rover, Budweiser and Sony. CRACKS, Jordan Scott’s first feature film, premiered at the Toronto International film festival in 2009. Starring Eva Green, and set in 1930's England, the film is a compelling tale of adolescent obsession and innocence corrupted.