Chris Nelson | director

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Chris Nelson has assumed many positions before ending up in the compromising position of a director. Chris left his home in Northern California at the age of 15 to begin his career in media as a child actor in Los Angeles. He appeared in numerous television shows, sitcoms, and a movie of the week before giving away his youth to a regular role on a daytime soap opera. He was too smart, too talented, too charismatic, and not egotistical enough to be an actor. So he left Los Angeles and went to the Ivy League. He graduated from Brown University with a degree in film and creative writing. After graduation, he decided to return to Los Angeles where the people weren’t so educated, interesting, and pale. He sold a screenplay; watched his literary agent get fired for a crystal meth addiction; and patiently waited for his script to get out of “turnaround”. He just recently stopped waiting. While he waited, however, he got introduced to the commercial industry. He wrote treatments for other directors; and eventually found himself producing for some truly talented people. He worked on award winning commercials with the likes of Joe Pytka and Rupert Sanders; and feels fortunate to have spent a few years collaborating on music videos and commercials with Herb Ritts. He is now a director with a love of storytelling, irony, and the many inadequacies of humanity. His work has appeared in the Best Work sections of Creativity, AdCritic, Shoot, and AdWeek. Chris has recently directed spots for clients such as McDonalds, Yellow Pages, All Bran, Gain and Milwaukee’s Best.