Axel Laubscher | director

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Axel Laubscher was born in Frankfurt, Germany. After some years in Columbia, India and New York he settled down in Stockholm, Sweden, where he is living with his family. In 2002, he founded the film production company “Social Club” in Stockholm together with fellow director Henrik Lagercrantz.
 Axel is a great storyteller and most of his work is driven by “twinkle-in-the-eye-humor”, but also quite emotional and enthralling. Axel 
has received several international Awards for his work. His clients include Playstation, Mercedes, VW, Telenordia, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Playstation, Carlsberg, VW, BSBC, Fleurop, Apollo and Allstate.
 Awards: Cannes Silver Lion, Swedish Mail Gold Egg, Swedish Mail Cannes Gold Lion, Telenordia “Goran” Gold Epica, Telenordia “Goran” Silver Egg, Telenordia “Goran” Silver Egg, Lotto “Bus” Gold in Norway, McDonald’s “Tooth Fairy” DA&D Best Commercial, McDonald’s “Tooth Fairy” Gold Epica, Lotto “Keep on Dreaming” Gold in Norway, Campaign, (popstars) VdW Awards, Hatto, Fleurop “Knight, Party, Haircut, Kiss” New York Festivals – 2x Silver, 1x Bronze, 2x Shortlist, Fleurop “Knight, Party, Haircut, Kiss” London International Advertisting Awards, Finalist, Fleurop “Haircut” Klappe, Bronze, Fleurop “Knight, Party, Haircut, Kiss” Eurobest, Gold, Fleurop “Knight, Party, Haircut, Kiss” ADC Schweiz, Gold, Fleurop “Knight, Party, Haircut, Kiss” ADC Deutschland, Bronze - Fleurop “Knight, Party, Haircut, Kiss” Cannes Lions, 3x Shortlist, Fleurop “Knight, Party, Haircut, Kiss” Cannes Lions, Bronze – Santec “Prison” London Interntaional Advertising Awards, Silver - Santec “Prison” Epica, Gold – Santec “Prison” Eurobest, Bronze – Santec “Prison”